Yes, that is my title: iTechnologist. So, what do I do? A lot of different things... Some people like to specialize, I like to de-specialize. What have I done so far? Let's see...

Some people are confused when they find out my list of skill sets, and for those who care to listen I give them my secret: I just enjoy learning things! Everything that I know comes from learning, but there is a method to all of my learning: Always understand what makes them tick.

I got acquainted with programming when I was young, so structured programming was a no brainer (Basic was big back then... :-) ). Then in College I was introduced to Unix shell programming (csh, bash, ksh), C, C++ (which I still hate to this day), Object Oriented analysis and design.

Then I learned Java (salvation) on my own during my employment at ISOGEN. This is also the time that I was involved with SGML (and DTD), some more advanced regular expression (courtesy of Omnimark and Perl). I also learned to program in WinRunner's TSL while working on one of the projects there.

From that point on, I just start reading and learning stuffs on my own: HTML and XML (easy once you know SGML), PHP, more Java (this language just keep on developing like crazy, I love it!!), and some other stuffs that I'm not ready to put out yet.



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